Nicholas Haust – Nicholas “Nick Haunted” Haust is the founder and lead editor of Grotesque quarterly magazine. Nick prefers fiction that relies on developed characters, a distinct sense of atmosphere, thoughtful prose, engaging dialogue, and well-chosen details to weave a tale of horror. Creep him out with your Obituary ghost stories if you dare. For non-fiction he encourages authors to surprise him with obscure horror film reviews,odd ball subculture bands in the psychobilly, horror-punk, or dark country genres, as well as gruesome looking recipes. To submit head over to the submissions page.  A horror enthusiast, Nick enjoys most everything in the horror genre from mainstream movies to indie films; professional art to horror doodles; Stephen King to unknown self-published horror authors;  horror-punk to dark country music; as well as famous monster PEZ dispensers, creepy looking food, and cartoons.


Twitter: @HauntHaust   @GrotesqueQM


Morgan Roth – Morgan “Morgue-Ann” Roth is the assistant editor and regular article writer for Grotesque quarterly magazine. Morgan is also the proud warden of the Obituary, a section of the magazine that highlights ghost stories from readers. If you have an Obituary submission, please submit it under non-fiction on our submission page.

Twitter: @GrotesqueQM


Andrew Nolan – Andrew “The Android” Nolan is the lead artist, cover creator, and art procurer for Grotesque quarterly magazine. Andrew enjoys illustrated horror books and horrific works of art. To submit art to Groutesque, head over to the submissions page and following the instructions.

Twitter: @GQ_AndrewNolan


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