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Grotesque Magazine is a quarterly publication for all things horror. The gory, the scary, the psychologically thrilling, and the supernatural can all find their homes here. Our magazine features contemporary and classic horror stories from both established and up-and-coming authors. From literary fiction to splatter-punk; flash fiction to poetry, Grotesque Magazine thirsts for it as long as it contains some aspect of horror. Beyond the strange horizons of horror fiction, Grotesque Magazine showcases nonfiction articles and reviews on Psychobilly, Death Metal, and Horror-punk music, as well as horror and horror-comedy movies and television shows. We’re also known to unearth the occasional gruesome drink or food recipes and enjoy art and comics in the horror genre. In our Obituary section we let readers tell us their ghost stories.

Interested in submitting your work to Grotesque Magazine? Check out the Submissions page for more information. Be it artwork, fiction, a ghost story for the Obituary, a comic strip, or a non-fiction review or article, we’d love to see it!


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  1. linda marie barrett:
    I need the guidelines to send your magazine some fiction.
  2. Nick Haust:
    You may read our guidelines on our submission page: http://www.grotesque-magazine.com/submit-work/ We look forward to reading your work!
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