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Grotesque Volume 2, Issue 2



“Non-Digestibles” by Maul Allan Hewish

“Missed Connection” by Neil Krolicki

“The Entomologist” by Greg Jenkins

“Elexis” by Will Bernardara Jr.

“It Happened on Hump Day” by Patrick Winters

“Red Porsche in 46F” by Jeremy M. Funk

“When the Owls Call” by Lyman Graves

“The Beast of Barkly Hill” by Colton Hamshire

“The Skull Wytch of Shrovetide” by Kolby Diaz

“The Lamb of God” by Claude Howard

“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce



“The Wolf-Boy” by Travis Johnson

“That Midnight Carousel” by John Grey

“Many Red Devils Ran from My Heart” by Stephen Crane

“Buried” by Alexa Findlay

“Toronto Tunnel Monster” by Richard Stevenson

“It All Comes Out in the End” by Ramona Thompson

“Evil Awakes!!! (And Then Needs Five More Minutes)” by Mike McHone



The Matadors – “Sweet Revenge” Album Review by Nicholas Haust

The Coffin Caddies – “I Dream of Jack-O-Lanterns” Album Review by Russell J. Dorn

The Obituary – Ghost Stories from the Readers

Moving Day – Felipe Femur & Friends Comic


“The Devil in Disguise,” “Zombies,” “Hey Up There,” “The Shadowmen,” and “No Reason to be Afraid” by Dave Dick


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Grotesque Volume 2, Issue 2