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Grotesque Volume 1, Issue 2

The Innards



Where Has My Mother Gone? by Thomas L. Winters

Hollow of the Dolls by Larry D. Thacker

Dots by Gale Acuff

In the Desert by Stephen Crane

The Intruder by John Grey

Randall’s Noose by N.D. Coley

A Mother’s Desire by Tiffany Buck

A Carcass by Charles Baudelaire

Hino by Robert Beveridge

Dry Rot by Maul Allan Hewish

Mister Midnight by Dan Fields

The Current Downtown by Bill Vernon

Across the Phosphorescent by Richard King Perkins II

Molly’s Parasite by Kevin Steffanson

The Scare Is Everywhere by Ramona Thompson

Mocking Laughter by Jake Cosmos Aller

Bad Day by Michael McHenry

In The Sand They Feed by Henry James Blizzard

Keezheekoni by Sheila Rosart

Oh Death by Jake W. Ford



Bathory Boys – Album Review by Nicholas Haust

Dead Vampires – Album Review by Morgan Roth

Optic Nerve Noodles – Recipe by Chop Chop Choi

Psychobilly & Horror-Punk Halloween by Russell J. Dorn

The Obituary – Ghost Stories from the Readers

Trick or Treat – Felipe Femur & Friends Comic



“All is Vanity” by Charles Allan Gilbert

“Blood Dress,” “Incubus,” and “Undone” by Melissa Trotter (Stolen Innocence Photography)

“The Mind of a Gordino,” “Disease Man,” and “Mr Marshall” by Rodrigo Montina

“Head of a Clown” by Joseph Kutter



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Grotesque Volume 2, Issue 2